Lena Romanova is a serial entrepreneur and investor. She is a well-known and highly regarded hospitality industry professional. Her influence in integrated use of hospitalitu and entertainment is internatioanal. A first-generation immigrant to the US, Lena has found success through numerous endeavors both int US and overseas.

Lena’s interest extends to outdoor festivals and holiday markets. Currently her companies own and operate 5 holidays markets across multiple geographies with more to come

Lena Romanova and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh


Lena and her company sue Brooklyn Tabloid and Pamela Bnarsky for Defamation, Defamation by Implication, and Contract interference. Other defenders will be announced shortly.

The lawsuit stems from the vicious smear campaign led by vendors at Winterfest Brooklyn who sought to blackmail Lena and its co-investors to illegal payments from her. They were aided by several Brooklyn tabloids and the Brooklyn Museum which hosted the event under contract.


Unethical Reporting and the Perils of Character Assassination

“Im utterly disgusted by the fake new and smear campaign coordinated by Brooklyn local reporters and designed to help disgruntled contractors extort illegal payments from me and other investors in Winterfest at Brooklyn Museum in 2018 . Interfering in contractual agreements, publishing falsified reports and forget photos, and conducting online target character assassination against the owners of a private business are the worst kind of journalism in the nation, and it is in Brooklyn, NY.

Lawsuits are underway to hold the conspirators accountable.”

-Lena Romanova
Angel Investors in Winterfest Brooklyn Museum

in 2018, Lena Romanova invested in Winterefst Brooklyn Museum along with other private angel investors from Manhattan, Boston and San Francisco. Winterfest was intended to be a holiday market like several other ones in Manhattan but with added
few attractions for the families of Brooklyn. The project was 100% privately funded. It turned out that doing business in Brooklyn is fraught with unpleasant surprises. Immediately after the opening, the local press conspired with disgruntled local vendors and contractors in launching a coordinated campaign to blackmail me and the company in order to extort illegal payments. Things didn’t
stop at publishing fake news and fabricated claims-see official announcement above, these reporters engaged in deliberate character assassination aimed to detroy my credibility and my reputation. They published and distributed racist and sexist tweets, and they intentionally syndicated their reporting for maximum damage. For weeks and months, myself and my co-investors endured insults in social media and through emails, and received multiple death threats. The event also received threats from individuals claiming that they read the local media.

Other victims of the defamatory reporting in local press are the City of Brooklyn that lost an opportunity of an estimated $40 million in economic benefits, and the Brooklyn residents as the event won’t return to Brooklyn again.

We recognize the right of the press to report both positive and negative stories, We also value the feedback of customers. However, when reporters tell lies, spin the facts, fabricate claims, interfere in contracts, block positive reviews, spread rumors, forge images, or call on others to take harmful actions, they are committing a premidated act of literal assassination of a human life. It is not journalism.

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