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Lena Romanova and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

Passionate for entrepreneurship, wine and philanthropy, Lena Romanova is a serial entrepreneur and investor. She is a well-known and highly regarded hospitality industry and real estate developer. Her influence in mixed use retail/entertainment is international. A first-generation immigrant to the US, Lena has found success through numerous endeavors both in the US and overseas. Lena founded her first company, a direct mail-order business, at the age of 16. It was the first mail-order business in the Baltics after the collapse of Soviet Union and was sold to a major logistics conglomerate in 2001. Since then, Lena accumulated a unique blend of investment banking, and private equity experience working at prestigious firms in New York and London. Lena currently manages her family-owned company with diversified holdings in real estate, industrial parks, and manufacturing which makes her travel to over 18 countries every year. Her interest extends to exhibitions, holiday markets and outdoor festivals, and theme-parks. Currently her companies tour 8 different museum-grade exhibits and organize 5 holidays markets across multiple geographies with more to come in 2019. Lena speaks Russian, Hebrew and English. Lena is interested in disruptive entertainment concepts that blend AI, virtual gaming and real world.
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2857 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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