Winterfest Brooklyn Museum was the focus of a coordinated online defamation campaign and its investors were victim of online character assassination orchestrated by certain Brooklyn Local bloggers


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Lena Romanova, Johan Rizki, and Millennial Entertainment Group Sue online reporter Scott Enman (aka. DJ Scott Mathews), the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, and Pamela Barsky for $10 million.

NEW YORK, NY, AUGUST 4, 2019 — On July 31, 2019, Millennial Entertainment Group and its owners Johan Rizki and Lena Romanova, through their attorneys at Cuddy & Feder LLP, filed a legal action in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Kings County, seeking at least $10 million against the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, reporter Scott Enman, and Pamela Barsky for, among other claims, defamation, defamation by implication, and tortious interference with contracts.

In a separate lawsuit filed in the District Court of Nevada on July 28, 2019 through the Schwab Law Firm, Enman is also accused by Total Leisure Management Operations Services LLC, and its investors Rizki, and Romanova, of harassment, contractual interference, and civil conspiracy with other defendants involved in illegal activities.

According to the New York lawsuit, in December 2018 and January 2019 defendants published false statements disparaging Millennial, Romanova, Rizki, and the Winterfest event held in Brooklyn this past winter. For example, one of the articles published on the Daily Eagle website claimed Millennial and its organizers ignored refund requests from customers, when, in reality, less than 0.02% of total visitors requested refunds and the company fully satisfied all legitimate requests in accordance with the standard refund policy practiced in all other major festivals. In another article Enman claimed that Romanova was facing scrutiny from the Brooklyn district attorney where in reality neither Millennial nor its organizers were ever investigated by the DA.

The lawsuit also attacks several other false statements contained in the articles and social media postings, including that Millennial “scams vendors/patrons out of money,” a baldly false assertion that Millennial, Romanova, and Rizki categorically deny. An additional false report by Enman accused Romanova of harassing vendors, where vendors were terminated because of a failure to pay rent, disruptive behavior, and causing safety hazard to visitors. In an effort to paint a negative image of the organizers and the event, Enman falsely and maliciously claimed that Romanova used an alias in emails to vendors when the reality is that the company’s off-site staff always used the company’s email when communicating with vendors and customers.

Enman’s fixation on Romanova extends to retweeting the following insulting and misogynistic statement: “what Sxx act was she [Lena Romanova] willing to perform in order to get the beer hut setup,” and also reposting a discriminatory tweet concerning Romanova’s Russian ethnicity: “nobody embraced scam capitalism quite like the Russians.” He also continues to have a photo of Romanova on top of his Twitter page and on the home page of The Brooklyn Eagle website.

Enman’s apparent obsession with Romanova has now led him to track her to Las Vegas and contact partners and employees associated with an event organized and held there by Total Leisure Management Operations Services LLC. Enman’s actions with respect to this event are one of the subjects of a recently commenced lawsuit filed in the Nevada District Court where Romanova, Rizki and other plaintiffs seek $1 million and have sought a restraining order against defendants. It is also believed that Enman and the Eagle intend on publishing an article about this Las Vegas event, to which Romanova will swiftly respond.

Lena Romanova is an entrepreneur who runs her own real estate development company. Previously, she was an investment banker and private equity professional in prestigious firms in Wall Street and London.

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