Winterfest Brooklyn Museum was the focus of a coordinated online defamation campaign and its investors were victim of online character assassination orchestrated by certain Brooklyn Local bloggers

When we stand up it lies flat. When we lie back it stands up.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Silent About Online Harassment Even If You’re Not Doing It (If You See Something, Say Something)

In a democratic society, the media need to report objective and truthful information to the public. It is becoming ever more important in today’s digital age when the public is constantly bombarded with fake news 24/7.

Journalists have responsibility and duty for the public to present the facts whether they agree or not with those facts. Writers can, of course, express their opinion or personal beliefs but objective reporting should depict issues and events in a neutral and unbiased manner.

Regrettably, tabloid reporter Scott Enman (alias DJ Scott Matthews) attacked Lena Romanova with no thought to consequences. He conducted a ruthless campaign against her that escalated over the past year costing $28 million in financial loss and hundreds of job opportunities foregone for the economy of Brooklyn.

Most importantly, there has been a tremendous human cost to this relentless propaganda by Scott Enman. Lena Romanova continued to put on a brave face in spite of the great emotional pain she was going through.

Brooklyn press led by Scott Enman trashed the Winterfest event, to which Lena Romanova put all her energy, money and time for a long period of time. But the sheer force of the smear campaign targeting Lena was intolerable and really broke her both emotionally and financially.

While Lena Romanova was unable to correct the continual misrepresentation, the Brooklyn tabloid pressed to exploit her silence and continued tarnishing her for months. For Scott Enman (alias DJ Scott Matthews) and Brooklyn press, knowingly vilifying Lena Romanova for several months was a game. They created lie after lie at her expense because she was unwilling to play this cruel game from the start.

That is why, Lena Romanova and her business partner took legal action against Scott Enman last August to defend her interests and present her side of the story. She suffered for too long in her silence. She could not tolerate further doing nothing against injustice and ruthless lies by Scott Enman and his tabloid press Brooklyn Eagle.

The whole story started by disgruntled vendors at Winterfest Brooklyn last year when they breached legal obligations agreed and signed with Lena Romanova. The Brooklyn tabloid press illegally interfered with confidential contract agreements between private vendors and the organizer of the Winterfest event.

Scott Enman and his mob jumped on the side of the vendors to present lies in an intentionally destructive manner to manipulate you, the citizens of Brooklyn, and advance the divisive media agenda. They wanted to get out made-up sensational stories with the only one goal – to get higher ratings, views, more clicks and gain publicity for Brooklyn Eagle at all costs.

Scott Enman, of course, needed a villain in his made-up story so he singled out Lena even though Winterfest project had multiple other investors and partners. And he launched a massive character assassination campaign against Lena Romanova.

Some of his unlawful and heinous actions included tweeting and re-posting sexist and racist comments against Lena Romanova. He maliciously reported and re-posted fake reports to purposely mislead Brooklyn citizens masking the lies and strategically omitting key facts about Winterfest.

He spent most of his time and energy to harass Lena Romanova and her business across the country preying even on her business associates, partners and suppliers in Las Vegas.

It is unbelievable what Lena had to go through over the past year. She received daily threats, death threats and racist insults because of Lena’s accent in speaking English. As a businesswoman, Lena’s reputation was totally destroyed in a few weeks. In spite of all this pressure and harassment, she successfully organized Winterfest Brooklyn and not more than 0.02% of total visitors expressed their dissatisfaction by claiming refunds for their tickets.

There comes a tipping point when you have to stand up to lies and bullying. Because if you remain silent your life and your long-held values will all be destroyed by malicious actors in the society.

If you look at what the Brooklyn press mob did with Lena Romanova was pure character assassination and bullying. They wanted to scare and silence her from speaking the truth. Everybody knows that this should not be allowed in our society. They should be held accountable because bullying shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Brooklyn citizens need to stand by Lena Romanova so that her good name is restored and so that she can be treated and seen as a real person trying to succeed in male-dominated business world.

Lena is falling victim to the dark forces of cyberbullying and character assassination. As Martin Luther King Jr put it, ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.’

So, if you keep silent and don’t stand up against a long and disturbing pattern of behaviour by Brooklyn tabloid media today, Scott Enman will come after you next time just like he did against Lena Romanova!